The Process of Building an Audience for Your Blog

Building audience for your blog can be very challenging especially when the required process is not followed. However, it’s easy for those who know the rules of the game. What does the process entail? Here are the tips.

1. Find Quality Links.

Most bloggers keep an eye on those linking them and they also link back. It’s therefore important to link to prominent bloggers who have good audience so that they can drive the audience to you after linking back. At the same point, your blogs must be quality.

2. Get The Right Topics.

You must be able to choose the most interesting topics in your niche especially in the first blogs. Always ensure that you cover the breaking or the hottest news in your niche. If your blogs are smart in terms of content and presentation, definitely you must win the audience.

3. Comment on Other Blogs.

Commenting is a form of communication. It makes other people to know you. You should ensure that your comments give insight and value. This can open good audience for your blogs as you will link your blogs with your comments.

4. Consistency in Posting.

A good blogger in need of audience must create a schedule on stick to it. If you choose to be updating daily or after every two days, you must stick to that. Your audience will always be expectant on the day you always post.

5.Learn to be Patient.

This forms the most crucial part of the whole process. You should learn that it takes time to build something that is concrete. With that in mind, you will be able to use your time and apply the necessary processes in building the audience.

20 Blogging Tips and Writing Ideas

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We all have times when we are out of writing ideas. Here are some ideas below to help you with your blogging.

1. First lets sit and write your ideas: thoughts, dreams, experience, information, inspirations, and etc.

2. Practice writing a blog post: Try sitting down and writing whatever pops into your head for 15-20 minutes.

3. Try to read other popular blogs: Read something you find interesting and put a different spin on it in your own words.

4. Search writing styles: Find bloggers with many different writing styles you prefer and try to understand their inspirations, struggles etc…you can learn a lot this way.

5. Search Twitter: If the person tweets a post that-gets a lot of attention maybe you could write something interesting about that topic.

6. Try adding your own experiences to your posts: If the blogger writes something he/she has an experience with chances are someone else may have the same issue and find your post interesting.

7. Be a grateful blogger: If you find a blogger who has given you inspiration “give them credit”.

8. Add to the discussion: The blogging community is a friendly place. Add some comments or responses to valuable, blogs in your niche and get some ideas through discussion forums/comments.

9. Tell a story: If you have a fantastic story break it down into a blog or blog series.


10. Find something missing: Lots of writers are writing blogs but…What sets your blog apart from the rest? Find the answer and maximize your blogs potential with this difference.

11. Who are your favorite bloggers: Everyone loves lists create blog posts with lists. EX: My 10 Favorite Bloggers of 2011.

12. Holidays: Considering the seasonal or festive events when writing your blog.

13. Write it Down: Keep your pen when not at the computer. You may be surprised on how great your post can be when you’re not typing it at the computer at-first.

14. Photographs: If you have wonderful moment take a photo and publish it on your blog…write a small post explaining what is going on. This can help people understand who you are and relate better with you.

15. What’s your hobby: You have lots of hobbies in your life you can create a unique blog or post related to your hobby.

16. Recall your childhood days: In your life any memorable day could be a great post option.

17. No Faking it: You should always write your OWN thoughts. It’s OK to find inspiration from other posts but make sure you put your thoughts into it.

18. Be the change you want to see: Do you see things going on in your community or internet world that you just do not like?? write about it –change it

19. Share Your Research:Do your research on what interest you but don’t keep it to yourself…

20. Achievement: Share your personal achievements as little as big you like.

I hope you enjoyed my list of 20 Blogging Tips and Writing Ideas! Do you have anymore ideas- share them with me here!!

10 Tips to Write Great Blog Posts

We always tend to be overwhelmed as a bloggers… while needing to find interesting topics to post.

Here are some useful tips that can help you to get the attention of readers.

1. Make your title informative and relevant for the readers. You should create a title that can retain the attention of your readers… as readers read the post title first. It is always best to include 8 to 12 words for every title.

2. Keep sentences clear and short. Readers will not spend much time on title as they are busy. Use standard words. Make a new paragraph after few sentences, as well as limit every post within250 words, if it possible. You should divide it into two entries if you cannot write it within 250 words.

3. You should disintegrate the text. You can use bullet points, number lists, and sub-headings to create your post simple. Usually, white space on the page can enable your reader to get mental breaks as well as make the knowledge soak.

4. Keep up to date with your information. Old news is boring to read. You should read newspapers and search the web references to provide current information in your writing.

5. You should be bold in your style. Avoid posting misinformation. You have to be confident when you state your opinions.

6. Do not use informal language. You should keep your writing as formal as possible to the readers. Sometimes, informal words in the blogs get the less attention to the readers.

7. Keep focused on your main theme. Unrelated information will damage your virtual authority and confuse readership.

8. Write keywords through-out your post. If you use effective keywords in your blogs, then readers will find your blog in amongst all the others.

9. You should be consistent in your writing. Post flaunt and unique writing for the readers.

10. You should create your posts as much as possible error-free. You should avoid any kinds of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, unnecessary stuffs, etc.

You can get the reader’s attention on your post if you consider these factors in your writing. Practice these tips regularly to be a good writer for your great blog post.

7 Tips for Freelance Bloggers

Are you a freelance blogger? Have you been looking for ways to increase your traffic? Do you have problems with your blogs? Here are seven tips that can help you advance faster with your blogging career.
1. Content.

Always ensure that your blog is creative and informative. It’s always advisable to choose the niches that you are familiar with. This will help you come up with quality blogs.

2. Network with other freelance bloggers.

You can start with writing free blogs so that you can build a rapport and get more audience. This can also be achieved by commenting on other blogs. This tip is highly advisable!

3. Get attached to all freelance sites.

If you have roots with many freelance blog sites, it’s possible that they can link to you and this will adversely boost your blogging.

4. Use of social websites

Attachment to social websites such as the Facebook and Twitter can be very effective in boosting your blogging business. Within these sites, you meet with people who can eventually become your readers hence boost your blogging.

5. Attachment to blogging directories.

Blogging directories play a major role in sending links to your blog. So its crucial to send your blog to these directories so that they can market your blog.

6. Blog consistently.

A freelancer should be aware that the product consistence matters ultimately. Timing of your blog is important Revisit your blog often and post new blogs consistently to win your readers.

7. Know your customer needs.

You should know the needs of your clients and show that you have the potential to give them what they need. This builds a potential such that your readers will always be confident that your blog will solve their problems.

Do you have anymore ideas for Freelance Bloggers?

Tips For Increasing Blog Readership

Understanding The 4 Easy Tips For Increasing Blog Readership

The world of blogging today is actually one that is rather robust and appears to be growing by the day. For some time now, those involved in writing their blogs on a routine basis have come to realize the power behind what a successful and powerful blog is able to do and how it could affect anyone that is interested in learning how to do it. Thus, when this is the case, one should consider the 4 easy tips for increasing blog readership for growing audiences each and every day.

When glancing through the various types and kinds of blogs that are currently out there, one immediately sees that blogs are written on any given topic at any given time. No matter the topic or purpose of the blog, there is always the need to attract and acquire as many readers as possible. Fortunately, as more people join the internet and this trend, there are very easy methods involved with this process.

For marketing purposes, blogs are actually quite powerful and effective for driving traffic to any website or business. Quite often, followers of blogs are very heavily influenced over what is discussed and read about with any blog posting. Thus, this is often a perfect opportunity to allow for an amazing level of offering overall.

One of the easiest of the 4 easy steps for increasing blog readership is to write about relevant and interesting topics. This is actually not as easy as one would think which is something that should be practiced. Within any niche, there should be current and relevant posts that keep people interested and coming back for more while referring their friends.

A consistent and disciplined posting schedule is also very important in this process. Basically, the constant updating and flow of the blog is definitely something that requires a great deal of attention this manner. Thus, one should ensure they are able to keep up with a very consistent and constant flow with their blogging efforts at all times.

Keyword rich titles are among the 4 easiest tops for increasing blog readership as well. If a blog is published in search engines, finding the right keyword titles for search engine headers is definitely something that should be practiced. This will often lure more readers in over time.

Ensuring your readers are engaged over what you are discussing is definitely something that allows for a solid appeal. This is something that is accomplished by asking very pointed questions and offering surveys as well. Thus, the readers are more prone to return to see the results and engage each other as well.

Follow up to Getting Traffic to Your Blog!

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website or blog. Blogs have totally changed over the last few years from a private log of one’s thoughts and actions, a bit like a diary into one of the most potent marketing forces on the internet today. Traffic building is absolutely crucial in the online world of business. I just finished looking at my stats and thought I would share where most of my traffic is coming from:

Blog commenting, guest posting, and social media. Today, I’m working on other ways to get traffic by forum posting and social bookmarking. Tellman Knudson says there are 17 basic categories of traffic, and I would say there are AT LEAST that many. Getting traffic is work, but if you take action you’ll receive action.

Links + your content = traffic, which = money.


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