Rethink Your Share Buttons: Google +1 Already More Widespread Than Tweet Button

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Share buttons have been around for a while and are designed to easily allow readers of your blog to share a post they like with friends. Rather than having to copy the link and create a new tweet or status update, share buttons allow for users to share something via Facebook or Twitter with a single click. The two most common share buttons are the Facebook “like” button and the twitter button with a bird icon. Chances are if you have spent any length or time browsing the Internet you’ve seen these buttons multiple times.

What Is Google +1?

Just over a month ago search engine superstar Google released its own version of a share button they call +1. Google +1 works essentially like all of the other share buttons in that it’s easily added to your blog and then an icon shaped like a folder with a “+1″ written across it is placed on the page. How it works is that a signed in Google accounts user is then more likely to see the page that received a plus one in their search results along with an annotation of the name of those users who pressed the +1 button. This in effect is every SEO professionals dream in many ways. If a user has a far enough reach than they can start directly effecting search results and cause a popular page to get more views faster.

The Shake Up

Bright Edge is an enterprise grade SEO analyzing tool that looks at some of the largest websites on the Internet and reports back information such as trends and suggestions for growth. According to Bright Edge, despite still only being a few months old the Google +1 button has already over taken the Tweet button in terms of both popularity and growth. The Bright Edge analysis found that Google +1 is receiving month after month a 33% increase in web placement and as of the end of June is featured on 4.4% of analyzed websites. The twitter share button, for comparison, was only featured on 3.4% of websites a full one-percentage point discrepancy.


All things told both websites are lagging far behind the adoption of the Facebook “like” button, which was featured on 20% of the websites on the Bright Edge test. Even so, anyone concerned with the use of share buttons on their website may want to place a +1 button along side that Facebook and Twitter button or they are missing out on potential traffic.

Social Media and The Most Popular Social Networking Sites

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Social media is the currently major source for dragging quality traffic for a business website. Currently, many popular social networking sites are brimmed with millions of registered users. The product information will reach to the wide spectrum of prospective users through the various popular social networking sites. Here, proper usage of social media is essential and wrong usage will result into wrong consequences for a business.

Social media and its effective usage is the part of the internet marketing for every business all around the world. There are many social networking sites available over the internet. But, it is enough to focus over the few of the popular social networking sites for the promotion of your business product. Working on every social networking site is not essential and it would be in vain too.

For example, take Twitter, You Tube and Facebook. Concentration on the social media for a business is all about attracting quality traffic towards the business website. The quality traffic is always assured through the social networking sites.

Your registration with the social media will be linked up with your official website. Here, other social networking site registered members will come towards your profile if this link is their interest only. This is indicating clearly the quality traffic that is interested for your product only will approach towards you.

Social network sites registration is very well arranged in a way the profile will be visible to other members. This will result into a great benefit to advertise your product at free of cost.

It is essential to learn the features of the social networking site before the registration. This approach is to find out the suitability of the social media for your marketing strategy. If this research is done properly, then rest of the approach for the product presentation and attracting traffic would be quite simple and easy.

There is another vital part to be accomplished in this process. You should have links of the registered popular social networking sites on your official website. This kind of approach will allow the other interested members of the social media to follow you effectively. This is the best and ideal way to tap out more for your business through social media. This kind of approach will have a chance to attain top search engine rankings for your website too.

At present, there are few popular social networking sites that are most useful for eevry business. Those are, Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, Flickr, Digg, Stumbledupon, Meetup, Delicious and some more. Just give it a try at the mentioned social media and you will start seeing benefits through this approach.

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Positive Aspects of Social Media

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Social Media and The societySocial media has been a part of the life for many individuals all around the world. These social network sites are almost like any other media such as Radio, Television and News Paper.

Importantly, these social networking sites are providing a chance to share the information with friends in a novice way. This sharing is not restricted to news and expanded to many things like ideas and works.

Currently, popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more are creating wide varieties of choices and paths for their registered members.

Slowly, these social media platform has been a vital arena for business and business products too. These social network sites are all about 5 Cs as Communication, Community, Creativity, Connection and Collaboration.

Some of the positives of Social Media:

• These social networking sites are creating a chance to learn more about people that are around to us. The physical and social mobility restrictions of the youngsters can be safely avoided through the social media. This procedure is creating a meaningful way of keeping in contact with friends and family.

• Can you believe it? In 2008, US elected President Obama very well utilized the social media for messaging audience during elections. Many experts felt that social media helped President Obama a lot in winning the throne.

• In 2010, Haiti experienced severe calamity through an earthquake. This earthquake resulted in official communications down for a longer period. Social Media resulted as a great help during this situation. Many people shared valuable information through various social networking sites during the disaster after situations. Importantly, huge numbers of social networking sites members sent their money for the affected areas as their part of the help through the social media. Social media proved as a best platform for gathering charity.

• Social media has ventured into journalism and recently CNN officially started iReport. Through this, people can upload some of the news and videos.

Negatives of Social Media:

• Technology is always meant for the effective and proper usage. Surprisingly, few people misusing the opportunity generated through the technology and this is not an exception for social media too. Experts are worrying about the shallow relationships developed through the social media.

• There are instances people exposed to new psychological and medical syndromes through the usage and excessive usage of social media. This kind of situation will mainly develop due to the lack of meaning relationships that are generated with the help of social media.

• There is a huge threat for personal privacy and personal data through the social networking sites. There are many examples to prove this factor all around the world.

Social Media and Business Marketing

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Social Media and Business Marketing   Many businesses are today are too dependent on the social media for their marketing plan. Business will definitely experience growth through this approach and this is proven often well with many popular companies.

Social media is the best online advertisement facility for every business all around the world. Here, leveraging this potential will be the right approach. The setting up of marketing plan for a business through social media can be carried out successfully through the steps below:

• Register with Facebook and some other social networking sites for this marketing plan. Establish a page or group through this registered account for the social media marketing. Always try to equip this page with more information about your business in the information tabs and links back them to your official website.

• Create a profile with Twitter. Twitter is currently one of the popular and fast social networking sites. Make a group by adding the people that are related to your product and interested in your business product. Here, targeting these social media marketing prospects is simple if carried out through the contact lists to key word searches.

• Digg is another popular social media platform and create your presence at this site too. Do not forget to submit the business website pages to the Digg Community, which will result into huge traffic for your site.

• Join in LinkedIn and create a profile. Here, it is quite essential to fill out the every detail, as existing users search very often for business and individuals for work and some other activity. This kind of ability will create a good leverage for your marketing at the social media.

• Do not ignore are forget StumbleUpon and create a profile. Through submitting your website through StumbledUpon profile will result into huge traffic for your business.

• Now, this is the time to add the buttons of the registered social networking sites to your official website. Also, make use of the banners and widgets provided by the various social networking site and you can cut paste them simply for this purpose. This approach will attain maximum leverage for your marketing through the social media.

Taking a Closer Look at Understanding Twitter Terminologies

One of the most popular social media networking sites is Twitter. It is a free micro blogging tool that allows its users to post and publish short messages of about one hundred forty characters or less.

You can either access your twitter account through your desktop computers, laptops, iPads/iPods and even your mobiles phones.

Twitter has become even more popular as a SEO tool that most internet entrepreneurs use to advertise and market their products or services.

Since this social media site had been a part of people’s everyday lives, there are popular Twitter terminologies that you should know and understand to be able to maximize the use of your tweets and Twitter accounts.

When you signed up for your own Twitter account, you can follow other people who share the same interest as you are and they can follow you in return. This is one of the main reason why this site is effectively used for networking and for building up professional relationship with other online based companies.

First is the term Tweet/s, this refers to the short messages that people choose to either publicly publish or privately for their Twitter followers to see. You can always update your account by posting new “Tweets” for your followers to see and read. You can consider Tweet as an action of actually posting a recent message. One example is: “I just tweet a blog on my Twitter account”.

The @mentions term is a message sent by a Twitter user to another shown publicly. Meaning, these messages are seen in their profiles. Anyone on twitter can see these replied messages except if you have protected your tweets and only those who follow you can see them. You can use do create this messages by using @TwitterUsername.

Follow” you can either follow someone who has a Twitter account or they can follow you but first you need to sign up for you own account. Follow simply means that you are following a person’s tweets on Twitter. You can receive and see the tweets of the people you follow and you can see these tweets on your home page.

Direct Message, this is simply a private message/s you have received from other Twitter users and your followers. You can access your direct messages in your Twitter inbox once you have logged in, on your account, also you can also send direct messages to the people you follow on Twitter.

These are just some of the basic Twitter terminologies that you need to know if you want to sign up for your own Twitter account and use it to socialize and communicate with your family, friends and possible business contacts.

Social Media is Not Hype… It’s a Revolution

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Social Media is Not Hype and It is a Revolution

Current globalization has kept every business before to the each and every individual all over the world. This kind of situation dragged marketing, market dynamics into a complex situation.

The promotional activities of the business products have changed dramatically. The current method of promotional activity is social media.

Here, I am sure many people have a different opinion about the social media introduction into the business marketing. Some people say it is revolutionary and some say that it is just hype.

Recently, some experts revealed astonishing facts in this aspect. The current statistics are indicating that the pornography on the internet has been overtaken by the popular social networking sites. There are almost 96% of millennial have accepted social media and been a part in it.

Facebook alone credited with 200 million users in a year. Seeing these figures, it is hard to call it hype. Facebook can alone form into a country and will be numbered as 3rd largest in the world. There is another astonishing factor to observe.

Can you believe it?

Currently, 80% of major companies are using social media for most of their recruitment needs.

Social media has global acceptance. Social media is the only platform successfully connected all the consumers all over the world. This is indicating how effective and economical to take up a business marketing plan through it.

Businesses and companies are interested in updating their customer base about their products through the social media and customers are also encouraging for it. Currently, almost 83% of neizens are social media registered members. This is indicating the kind of prominence gained by the various social networking sites.

Social media is not an old thing … it is just a new phenomenon. It has wide acceptance from all parts of the world within a pretty short duration.

If a marketing plan for a business is to reach their prospective customers at various parts of the world, then it can be easily accomplished through the use of social media. All these reasons are clearly indicating that the social media is not hype and it is definitely a revolution to accept.

The Benefits Through Social Media

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Benefits through Social Media

Business success secrets are redefined in a new way. Being social is the new trend to help your business. Social media is the best platform for this purpose. If you’re still unaware of this medium, then it is never be late to have a look into it immediately.

There are many popular social networking sites to help with your business success such as Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. Entrepreneurs who still don’t have complete trust over the power of social media will immediately respond… that they don’t have time for all of this and need to devote completely for their business.

But, you should know, daily there are millions of people from all parts of the world are gathering for sharing their views, ideas and experiences. Just to be a part of this broader platform and project your business product or service in order to gain utmost mileage.

This entire idea can be practiced quite easily through hiring an assistant or virtual assistant too. This assistant’s help or service through social media can gain unimaginable exposure for your business at global front. Currently, 85% of world businesses are using this platform and benefiting a lot through it.

Prepare a strategic social media plan for your business. This approach will really work towards the success of your business.

A strategic social media approach will help increase the traffic to your businesses official website. Also, there is a chance for the growth through subscription for updates and newsletters from your official websites. All these developments are quite worthy and helpful for the sales.

The kind of leads generated through this approach are always genuine and more helpful for the business down the line. Many companies experience improved business and partnerships through this approach. Importantly, it will result as an effective SEO for your official website too. Many popular search engines such as Google consider direct search results from the popular social networking sites.

Social media is an effective platform for everything including products, services, closing businesses, starting businesses and many more. Here, getting social is all about creating a platform for you and your business through discussing related matters with one and all around the world. This kind of participation is always successful at gaining more mileage for your business. Many companies are drastically saving in their marketing expenses through this approach. Also, you can learn more about your competitors too through this approach. There are limitless benefits a business can gain through social media.

How to Use Social Media for Business Marketing?

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How to Use Social media for Business Marketing?

There are more than 500 million registered users with Twitter and Facebook.

What exact kind of message do you get through the mentioned figure? There are more popular social networking sites besides already popular… Twitter and Facebook. Definitely it is worth changing your perspective towards social media for your business marketing. Neglecting this kind of huge gathering at social media sites is almost like losing an opportunity for a business.

Earlier, online marketers and few online businesses used to make use of these social networking sites. Slowly, every business realized the kind of mileage a business can gain through this social media. Instantly, social media has been a special arena for every business. There is huge potential to tap out through the social media marketing for a business. Constantly improving and increasing social networking sites are assuring a lot for their users and businesses.

Currently, internet marketing is badly dependent over social media marketing. You can witness this trend simply by going through one of the popular social networking sites. Just go to any of your favorite blog or website, you will definitely see Facebook or Twitter button there. This is clearly indicating the popularity of the social media and how much it is occupied into the market. There is huge social media fever all over the internet. It is the time for a business to make effective use of this situation.

You should come up with a social media marketing strategy for this purpose. There are so many factors you should give thought in developing this strategy. It is quite essential to consider type of the product, niche of the official website, the services offered through the business, location of the business, characteristics of product or service, and target market or traffic. All these factors should be depicted well while making a registration and creating a profile at the social networking site. This kind of registration will enable you to get in touch with the prospective customers of your business.

Never try to sell your product and always try to project some valuable information about your product or service on this platform. The direct selling through this platform will result into spam and people will start to ignore you forever.

Facebook Backs Intel’s Micro Server

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Virtualization has been king for many years. There is virtually no server farm (pun intended) that is not virtualized. Multiple multi-core CPU’s support many virtual servers, saving money over having to buy more servers. It is simple; no server, or PC for that matter, runs at 100 percent capacity 100 percent of the time. Performance may spike briefly, but the average capacity utilization is low. By installing a completely separate server on the same hardware and having it run simultaneously, doing a different job, the excess capacity, unused by one is used by the other. What Facebook has just announced flies in the face of that logic; it is going to install micro servers.

Honey, I Shrunk the Server

Micro servers are the next logical step in hardware evolution. Over the last decade, talk of “Quantum Computing,” or the science of using atoms to perform computation tasks, instead of transistors as is done now, has increased exponentially. The goal is to shrink computing circuitry down as far as it can go. Micro servers are the result of beginning to move in that direction by using smaller, low-power processors, and related design adaptations to create hardware significantly smaller than the previous technology generation.

Everything gets smaller and faster. Virtualization was a way of getting more servers out of the existing hardware that was a small as it could get already. Micro servers are much smaller, with as many as 12 servers in the space occupied by three standard rack servers now. These multi-core CPUs have as much as a one Terabyte of hard drive space, and they use approximately 65 to 95 watts per server.

Facebook to the Future

Facebook’s primary goal is more computing power for less power, but it is not its only goal. In the current model, if a rack server fails, several virtual servers are lost. Micro servers can run a single server, with the same efficiency, and if one is lost, only one server goes down, which increases security, reliability, and also productivity, although micro servers described above are not the smallest servers. Facebook has admitted to testing the new servers, using Intel chips. Intel has announced that it will develop CPUs running on as little as 10 watts of power, and are slated for release later this year. These new ultra-small, ultra-low power servers can also be virtualized to squeeze even more gain from the design.

Software vs. Hardware

Rather than being a fight between virtualization and micro servers, this is a conflict between one phase of technology and its next iteration. The smart phone and tablet industry are partly responsible for this trend, forcing chip makers to drive down size and power consumption for CPUs to allow the smaller, full service computing platforms to run well. In fact, Intel’s planned 10 Watt CPU will be based on the Atom processor line. This acceleration of computing evolution is simply the evolution of hardware toward its final point; the end of Moore’s Law.

Marketing and Social Media

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Marketing and Social Media

Social media is a popular word heard very often over the internet. The Internets entrance into our lives has brought to surface many changes, benefits and influences.

Currently, websites are the facade of every business and resulting as an effective interface for every business.

It is essential to remember the major four pillars that are initiated the social media over the internet. Google, Facebook, You Tube and Wikipedia started this bandwagon and created a floral path for many other social networking sites. There are many new trends and influences initiated through these social media sites.

Marketing for a business is always tedious task keeping in mind the necessity for reaching the entire customer base effectively. Today, this task has been quite simpler and easier through the use of social media. Many of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and some more have been breakfast scoops for the many netizens. Do not forget that these netizens are the prospective customers for your business products. Some people find this social media as a negative factor, but this is a pure myth developed due to the misuse of the social media through some people.

Social media is always a natural platform for the many people to connect together and the valuable information always got enough space in it. Many of the social network users are also finding this as a best source to learn about everything. Today, most of the individuals are carrying their social habits and social lives on to the internet. This kind of situation created social media as a best platform for marketing, but remember that it is definitely not for selling a product.

A business entity is always encouraged to share valuable information about the product at the social media. A business entity cannot ask for anything more than this. If the product’s valuable information is reached to prospective customer base, then it has it’s the best way for the improvisation of sales too. This is the major idea and benefit behind the social media marketing for a business.

Social media is always an effective tool to attract the prospective customer. It is not enough for a company to have a website and there should be a proper approach to attract customers towards the official website. Here, social media will act as an effective platform and promotes well your websites. There are instances that many companies gained huge success through social media. Here, it is essential to exercise a perfect usage of this media and wrong usage will result into negative impact over the business product.