New Strategies for the Smart Online Marketers’ Campaign

Last week, I went beneath the surface and brought to light some new strategies of online marketing. Many smart online marketers have already tried and tested it. So, let’s see what those new marketing strategies are and how they can help you realize your goals. Have fun and don’t miss out on leaving your comments at the end.

Online marketing strategies are the things performed by us as online marketers to achieve our specific results. What we do generally is, send e-mails & newsletters to people, share links on social media platforms, perform search engine optimization for specific keywords, write blogs and write articles; there are many more things we do as a part of our online marketing campaign and what we all want is to convert that user’s browsing session into purchase of the product or service.

All the marketing tactics discussed in above paragraph are discussed millions and billions of times on internet. But, here I’m going to discuss something NEW! Something Unique! The things I’m going to discuss are always underneath the surface that affect all your click-through rates, conversion rates and rankings you have. Writing a blog with video and impressive photos, having an indented listing, RSS subscription, e-mail and call-to-actions are all traditional means of marketing and we all know that, right?

So, what new I’m going to talk about? Well, what do you think while clicking on any of the link in search results? Do you ever think that whether the link you’re going to click will match your needs or not? SEO experts and marketers often optimize search engines but they overlook on this aspect of user’s mind. Another question comes in your mind is why you should trust on an unknown brand and who are the people behind it? Here comes the matter of brand awareness; reputation and popularity of your brand is so universal that it matters in every marketing activity we do, be it online or offline.

Imagine that the product or services you’re marketing for meets the needs of users. Does it mean that user will buy your product? There are lots of factors that come in picture here but the most important one is the ‘reliability’. Now, you might be wondering how you can win trust of your targeted audience?

Let’s take an example: I am surfing on internet for automation machine, I opened one website that took too much time in loading. But it matches my budget and all requirements, what you think? Will I trust on this service provider? Of course, I won’t. ‘

Speed’ holds major importance while point is of gaining trust from users. Especially, when you ask someone like ‘Hey, I am visiting this website and that person says, no avoid it; it takes too much time to load

Affordable pricing is another marketing strategy these days. Say for example a product is from a leading and renowned brand, excellent features, excellent look and everything is great! But, it’s price is too high that being an online marketer whatever I do, I can’t justify with its expensiveness! Most of the businesses don’t provide transparent pricing structure to users; it may possible that many users are passing by your website and want to purchase your product but when they ask to their friends or relatives, they got the answers like “Hey’ don’t buy that product, it’s too expensive!” It may be possible that those people are capable of buying your products, it ‘s just that they don’t know about your cost. Be as transparent as you can.

There are many other new marketing strategies that I’ll discuss in my upcoming post. These strategies don’t often come in highlight but smart marketers use them as their trump card and stay one step ahead on the market.

What a Virus Can Teach You about Internet Marketing

Everyone wants the content that they produce to somehow hit that illusive hallmark point when it explodes into the world-wide web universe, somehow finding its way into the Tweets, Likes, In boxes, Pluses, and blog back links of everyone remotely connected to their niche. In order to understand the secret of virility, I took it upon myself to conduct an interview with an actual virus. So without further adieu cover your faces, and I bring you the first ever exclusive interview with a real virus…

Me: What is your name?

Virus: I am in the process of metamorphosing, so I currently remain unidentified.

Me: Very well. The purpose of this interview is for the internet marketing/blogging community to learn from you how to be viral. Do you have any advice that you could share from your experience?

Virus: Thanks for asking Susie. The thing to remember about viruses is that there are a lot out there that simply never get to be widespread, and only a few really go epidemic, or what you would marketers would call “going viral.”

Me: I see.

Virus: But there is one thing that all of the truly successful viruses have in common.

Me: Really, what’s that?

Virus: Whether it’s because of a heightened sense of awareness or just dumb luck, all of rock star viruses attack a weak point at exactly the right time. That is exactly what I intend to do too.

Me: Whoa! Well, it looks like we are out of time, I think that I will go wash my hands now.

Here are some thoughts about viral content production in lieu of my death-defying interaction with a real virus.

  1. Be bold and try new things- Viruses that are just like all of the others have very little chance of being the one that stands out and becomes the next big threat, the same is true with your marketing efforts. If something has worked in marketing a thousand times before, it might work for you too, but it won’t go viral.
  2. Anticipate- when it looks like there is a weak spot that no one in your niche is attacking go full speed ahead.
  3. Learn from other viral influences in your niche. Ponder how and when they went viral. Try to imagine how they saw your niche right before they became successful. Apply the same concepts in a way that is fitting for the niche as it looks today.
  4. Consider your audience- In order to impress your audience do you need to create fantastically expensive video footage, or are they looking for “just the facts” in written form. Give the audience exactly what they lack, and they will eat it up.
  5. Be awesome- in order to be a real alpha in your niche you will, at some point, need to mostly ignore numbers 1-4, and free yourself of the shackles of trying to please, in favor of taking the lead and charging forward with the rest of the pack following along.

As always the quality of presentation, whether in written form, video, or other, is a prerequisite to any chance at virility.

10 Ad Networks You Really Need To Look Into

The success of any online business today depends on the advertisements used. You must identify the best Ad networks that you should place your advertisements on in order to have your site known. Here are the top ten ad networks that you can employ.

1. Google adsense- Google being the number one Search engine forms the best advertisement network. Their ads are the most recognizable of all advertisements used today.

2. Amazon This is a good advertisement option especially when you want to sell your products. Amazon has good traffic hence your products must meet the target market.

3. Commission junction This is the most known affiliate network and the biggest for that matter. It’s based on the cost per click and requires a site that is able to convert traffic into potential buyers.

4. Technorati media -Another awesome network that is growing at very high rate. They usually provide fifty percent payouts and their sales are fantastic with several selling options such as rectangles and skyscrapers.

5. Performancing ads- This is a very good option for bloggers. It’s easy to interpret the codes as well as their implementation.  The only problem is the time required for your space to be sold.

6. Text link ads They are among the most well-paying options and provide a good deal. They have transparency when it comes to their terms.

7. Kontera- This is another network that works out very well for starters especially when you have heavy text content. The codes are easy to install and they have an option where you can sign in directly.

8. Interclick- This network gives you the easy way to follow your campaigns. The leader boards are used as well as skyscrapers and rectangles. It forms one of the best ads known.

9. Pheedo- This is the option for those who love the RSS advertising in the digital world. In addition to placing your ads, it also helps to gain the feed subscribers.

10. Link connector Those who are based on affiliate marketing have this option at hand. Provide direct links to your content as well as improving page ranks.

Those are just some of the many Ad networks where you can join and improve your marketing. It’s my sincere hope they will help you. If you have any other ideas list them below in the comments section!

How To Succeed With Internet Marketing

So you finally decided to venture into internet marketing. Good for you. This is one of the best ways you can make money on the Internet. When done right, it could result to huge potential earnings for you. So here’s a simple guide on how you can make your internet marketing venture a worthwhile one.

First things first, you need to find your niche. So how do you go about with finding a niche? It should be one where you are interested in. So if you like poker, look for highly targeted markets in this niche. Why waste time, effort, and money on something that will not deliver promising results? Find time to research your niche.

Put valuable content on your website. There is a greater chance that people will visit when they see relevant and helpful information. Provide news headlines, tips, product information or other valuable content that will entice customers to consider your products or service. Doing this would ensure that customers would keep coming back to your site.

Make your site user-friendly. It is important to always keep your target audience happy with your products or brand. Keep them active and encouraged to visit your site. As much as possible, you should catch the attention of visitors within 15-30 seconds or they will leave your site and look somewhere else.

Keep your online business dynamic. The Internet is one area where changes and innovations happen every single second. Be open to trying out these new developments. As they say, “The only thing permanent is change,” so be open-minded in implementing them to your site.

Be patient. Success does not come in one, two, or three months. You need hard work and determination to become a successful internet marketer. Running an online business is a continuous learning process.

Internet marketing provides a huge potential to making money. But you need to think positive and believe that you will succeed in the venture. Your mindset will dictate how far your business will go. Be confident and everything will turn for the best. Just follow these tips and you can be on your way to becoming a successful Internet marketer.

Finding The Best Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

For many mothers, especially new mothers, having the opportunity to be at home with your children can be a very rewarding opportunity. However, it could be that in addition to the responsibilities that come along with being a stay-at-home mom, you are also responsible for earning a paycheck for your family. While this may seem like an impossible task to combine with your at-home duties, it’s not. There are plenty of jobs for stay at home moms that can and will accommodate your personal at-home responsibilities. Now, if you are the entrepreneurial type, you might consider starting your own business. If you prefer instant stability, than seeking out an employer like American Airlines or 1-800-FLOWERS (among others) may be a better option for you.

In either scenario, finding these opportunities only requires some quick searches online. What’s more important, in the beginning, is identifying what type of job will best suit your needs and interests.

First of all, you really need to consider the kind of workload that you are able to commit to. Considering that you have children to tend to a home to maintain, you’ll want to make sure that opportunities you pursue offer the flexibility you need as a stay at home. You’ll be surprised that many of them will be accommodating.

Next, you want to make sure that the compensation is right. With at home type work, like data entry, for instance, the pay structure is often pay-per-performance as opposed to a flat hour or salary rate. While this is fine, you need to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your efforts and time. Finally, when considering the best online jobs for stay at home moms, what I feel is most essential is finding something you like. Remember, staring at your computer all day is hardly glamorous. Enjoying what you do will help.

In conclusion, whether you decide to start your own business from home or work for an employer from home, there are legitimate opportunities out there. Do your homework, and consider the points I mentioned, and you could be on your way to a home-based career in no time.

9 Instructions for Online Auctions Exhibitions

Before getting started with online auctions you must first get a clear picture of what it is. It is a place where users can visit and buy and sell goods in an online market. Users who visit this online market have the option to place bids on items. This amount is usually kept above the starting bid price. And the users who are in the market as sellers regularly post their goods on an online auction site. They can post them with a title of ‘for sale’ or bid price. Here, in this market customers or bidders usually compete and the highest bid wins the ability to purchase the product.

The auctions site can be a confusing one or it can be a fun for you as well. How? Let us give you some tips about it:


Before you start posting or start bidding, navigate around the website. Get familiar with the site, the administration, and the people around. Don’t be hasty in this regard.


Start off with experimentation first. Select an item and observe how the buying/selling process is carried out at the site. Follow the item till the time it is purchased/sold.


Once done with familiarization and observation, now is the time to start things off properly. Go and sign up for the account. Try to find something of your interest, when you succeed in finding something; place the bid if it satisfies you. If someone bids lower than you, you can go back and bid even higher than that if you feel comfortable.


Try to make sure that you are well aware of the hidden costs. There are some sites who charge for using the platform. Do not forget to add the fee in the product purchase cost when you are buying a product.


Ask as much questions as you can. Do not hesitate. Always try to get as much information as you can about your desired product.


Try to utilize online payment methods. Payment portals such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Money bookers are preferred. They offer instant money for purchasing the product. Try to avoid going for offline payment methods as your money might be at risk.

Now here are a few instructions for sellers:


Make sure you situate your item so that it grabs attention. Use good color tones in pictures.


You should take some inspiration from sellers around who very gently offer extra things too. Did you ever think why did they do so? When you order snacks, they always ask you if you will have drinks with it, because drinks are related to snacks and the customer will not refuse something related. This is a great way of increasing your profit.


Make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions very carefully and then you place your items for sale. Keep shipping options open.

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Why Link Exchange IS Considered As Black Hat By Google

Google is not like Yahoo or Bing, in the sense that it only works on fair basis. With the other search engines you can pay and get higher rankings…which is unlike Google.

If you are an SEO person than you must have an idea about Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO techniques.

Did you know??

Link Exchange is considered as black hat SEO, but why?

The reason behind it is the division of PR between the parties. Google still works on a fair basis and any technique which does not fit within this system will be considered Black Hat.

The PR Division

Suppose we have two sites, site A and site B. Both having same page rank value. We need to implement a link exchange technique on them. Let me explain how link juice will be divided in both sites.

Page rank is like worth of your site and a part of it contributes for every outbound link of your site. For every dofollow link juice transfer , this is the reason why you should not place dofollow links on a site, blog or any type of web page.

When site A first places a link on it for site B, page rank of B will be up when the search engine crawls it. Now the link from B to A will have more link juice as the Rank of B is up. In this case B is getting less than A.

So link exchange seems to be link division on equal basis but it is not actually.

There are some other disadvantages of link exchange. Like when there are exchanges of links from a non relevant site there will be no chance of traffic but… only the waste of your own link juice. Bulk link exchanges will trigger search engines that a site is having some un natural behavior.

Links that partners place to show without no follow attribute but later they make links with nofollow attribute. Which give you no point of placing link on them.

A lot of these options can be very confusing for the you… So always be cautious when you are using any link exchange technique for your site. For professional SEO services consider the advice of experts.

How to Automatically Google Plus Your Posts

You must have realized the growth of Google plus social media network in recent past. Having been open to the public very recently in September 2011, you would not have thought it could hit the millions it has currently. With over ten million subscribers now… something that took Facebook more than a year to achieve.

Due to this growth rate, the site predicts even more business in future and hence the need to Google plus your posts. Having that large amount of traffic, means your posts will have  optimal chances for reaching a larger audience (which mean more traffic to your site).

Setting Up

In order for you to automatically Google plus your post, you must create an account with Google plus. Unlike with other social media websites such as Facebook where you just sign in directly, Google plus requires you to get an invitation. Once you get the invitation, it’s now easy to create an account.

Google plus allows it’s members to create circles through which you share your content with… people depending on different aspects. You may have friends, acquaintances, family members and many more types of circles. You may even want to try adding some people to more than one circle. These various circles allow you to display your content to a specific target audience within that circle and not the entire friends list as with Facebook.

Publish Sync

(update–publish sync is no longer active see comment section here for details)

There are several ways that can be used when you want to Google plus your post. The best method is through publish sync. This is a tool that allows you to Google plus your posts regardless of where the post is located in the web. It’s able to synchronize all your posts and make them available to the target circle within your Google plus account. You don’t have to post your content on Google plus so that it can reach your members since the publish sync is able to reach the post from any site provided it’s within the web.

In addition to that, you are also able to Google plus your post within your Twitter or Facebook. It allows you connect with these networks very easily hence more convenient. This ensures that whatever you post on the other networks is automatically posted on your Google plus account. You can also get content from your Google plus account and post it in other network using this tool.

Since publish sync is available in any chrome web stores near you, you can get set up today!

Next week we will take a step by step tour on how you can How to automatically post any content to Google+. If you have any other resources you have found helpful in customizing your Google plus profile please list them below in the comment section.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Small Companies

For a majority of companies, search engines are a main source of traffic. In order to increase your search engine traffic, it is essential to make sure that your website appears in the top few search results for relevant queries. This would be impossible without effective search engine optimization. There are many SEO strategies that can help you improve your search rank. For instance, an SEO company can significantly increase its online visibility by targeting effective keywords. Optimization is a continuous process as search engines keep evolving in order to offer more relevant results to users.

Many companies have gone online to market their products. It is essential that the company’s website has good content and keywords for generating higher visibility in a search engine results page. Here are some strategies followed by successful companies to improve the search rank of their websites.

Careful Keyword Selection

Careful keyword selection is essential for getting substantial amount of traffic to your website. Choosing a wrong keyword means fewer targeted visitors accessing your website. This also means that there would be poor conversion rates and lower search volumes. You can take the help of a SEO company to use tools targeting search engines like Google, Yahoo etc and use the terms that can generate sufficient volumes. The level of competitiveness of the keyword should also be evaluated so that you don’t end up using keywords that offer very low ROI.

Content Development

After selecting the keywords, it is necessary to have content to support it. The content should be able to support the search term. The data should be unique and convincing for the website viewers to differentiate it from millions of pages in the search engine result. Suppose your company sells exotic meat, then you can write content about procuring the meat and its benefits and incorporate it with relevant keywords. It is essential to have quality content on your website for getting links from other relevant websites. In fact building quality content is the only strategy encouraged by most search engines.

Search engines like Google have universal search approaches. That is, they list a variety of content together. The various types of data are press releases, local news, textual content, videos and images/pictures. So you would want your content to appear in the right category.

If developed properly, quality content makes your website an expert in relevant topics. Being an authoritative website has its own advantages as it helps draw a lot of traffic from search engines.

Link Building

Website popularity is determined by popular search engines based on quality and relevant links from authority sites. Web links are a valuable tool to generate optimum search result ranking of your website. Off page search engine optimization strategies include blogs, RSS feeds, article syndicates and directories.

In addition, your website must also be easily accessible to search engines. It should have unique HTML and Metatags. An SEO company can evaluate your site and rectify the problems that prevent search engine crawlers from navigating through your website.

Patrick LeMay works for Wolf21 Inc, which is a Search Engine Optimization Toronto company providing business solutions for business owners across Canada.

Making Money with Your Blogging Business

In past, people used to write blogs as a method of sharing ideas get fun and were a thing for writers only. Nowadays, that is history and people are venturing into blogs to make money. In fact, it has graduated to blogging business. There are several ways that blogging business makes money. They include;

Deepening your existing customer relations. It’s not a must that your blog should start a new business. Your blog can be used to cultivate the relations of your existing business by informing your clients about your products and services. This eventually increases your earning as more clients are bound to be added.

Marketing your services. Blogs can be used to inform your readers of what services you intend to offer by describing them on your blog. This can help in spreading your business moxie and opinions at the same time.

Sell advertising. If your blog happens to be well received in a particular topic, you can sell ads space for any advertisement. This generates some income on any click on your blog. Many bloggers earn in this way.

Sell other people’s products. You can use your blog to market other people products and this can help you earn some money. For instance, this happens if you mention a book in your blog with a link to In case a book is sold they will eventually pay you.

Solicit contributions. You can create a blog that touches strategic issues such as heath, tax reforms and others. After creating good traffic, you can ask your readers for small contributions by a click for financial help. Programs such as PayPal support contributions per click. This may help you earn some money.