10 Ad Networks You Really Need To Look Into

The success of any online business today depends on the advertisements used. You must identify the best Ad networks that you should place your advertisements on in order to have your site known. Here are the top ten ad networks that you can employ.

1. Google adsense- Google being the number one Search engine forms the best advertisement network. Their ads are the most recognizable of all advertisements used today.

2. Amazon This is a good advertisement option especially when you want to sell your products. Amazon has good traffic hence your products must meet the target market.

3. Commission junction This is the most known affiliate network and the biggest for that matter. It’s based on the cost per click and requires a site that is able to convert traffic into potential buyers.

4. Technorati media -Another awesome network that is growing at very high rate. They usually provide fifty percent payouts and their sales are fantastic with several selling options such as rectangles and skyscrapers.

5. Performancing ads- This is a very good option for bloggers. It’s easy to interpret the codes as well as their implementation.  The only problem is the time required for your space to be sold.

6. Text link ads They are among the most well-paying options and provide a good deal. They have transparency when it comes to their terms.

7. Kontera- This is another network that works out very well for starters especially when you have heavy text content. The codes are easy to install and they have an option where you can sign in directly.

8. Interclick- This network gives you the easy way to follow your campaigns. The leader boards are used as well as skyscrapers and rectangles. It forms one of the best ads known.

9. Pheedo- This is the option for those who love the RSS advertising in the digital world. In addition to placing your ads, it also helps to gain the feed subscribers.

10. Link connector Those who are based on affiliate marketing have this option at hand. Provide direct links to your content as well as improving page ranks.

Those are just some of the many Ad networks where you can join and improve your marketing. It’s my sincere hope they will help you. If you have any other ideas list them below in the comments section!


My name is Kelly I have been blogging for about 3 years and love sharing my information about Internet Marketing and Social Media through my posts!

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