Discovering Your Long Tail Search Terms

By discovering your long tail search terms one may use various online keyword tools for search engine traffic. These specific phrases are able to turn over higher returns as opposed to ordinary keywords and phrases. The value of the long tail is undeniable as it remains less competitive and therefore one needs to discover ways to finding and capitalizing on these terms.

More personalization equals target traffic

The keywords used in this case are longer and more specific than more commonly found head terms. Results that are generated via these online searches are far more targeted and less costly to bid for. The trick is to find ways to develop reliable sources of phrases that are relevant to the business niche and website.

The best resource for starting the generation of keywords is to use major Search Engine Optimization word research tools. Popular tools are free and provide unlimited use. One may begin by entering the long tail search term into the available software which allows one to see exactly how popular the particular group of words are.

Find the lists that generate high amounts of traffic but are less competitive to obtain. On average it is best to choose phrases containing 3 or more words for increased popularity and easy identification. You will want to target those items that generate the most searches per month.

Another tip is to use personal business data in order to generate the particular terms. The information from the website could generate the greatest source of phrases providing a significant advantage over using popular internet engine options. This is because it is a renewable source, significantly competitive, personalized and highly relevant to key aspects of a specific business.

Once you have obtained a list of a fair amount of high traffic generating words, research the levels of its competitiveness in the online market. You want to accept keywords with high search engine rankings but with low competition as the higher the competition of the phrase, the lower its ranking. This way one ensures that quality keywords are utilized.

The result of using such unique groups of words is higher volumes as its search can go on indefinitely. This strategy offers a multitude of benefits including cost effectiveness due to the improved click rate and lower competition. Efforts are drastically enhanced as one is continually looking for ways to create new words and optimize results.

The Competitive Edge

The execution of this task may seem daunting as one may have to manage thousands of specific words. There are a number of software options which allows one to easily begin and understand the process involved. Once the database has been increased there are endless opportunities to expand on optimization.

Remember the more relevant and specific your phrase, the more likely your advert is to come up in the major engines. Discovering your long tail search terms may be a lengthy process however the return on investment is worth the extra effort to provide businesses with a competitive edge. There are a number of free software tools widely available to aid in increasing the popularity of your website.

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  1. This is an interesting article. I like the idea that a phrase can draw people to your site, but you do need to be so specific.

    • Kara,

      Thanks for your comment. Being as specific as you can will help you
      target your specific niche…in turn helping you with your traffic conversions.
      Traffic is no good if it is outside your niche (or not what they were looking for)

  2. Being specific allows you to attract the right type of readers to your site. Content is king and when you write specific content, you actually draw people who are interested in the same topic to your site.

  3. Interesting stuff and very interesting point for discussion, Long tail keywords provide big scope of search as compare to short tail keywords because long tail keyword is the combination 3 to 4 short tail keywords.

    One more good advantage of long tail keyword is, It is easy to optimize in very less time.

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