Should You Approve Pingbacks or Trackbacks?

Blogging has proven to be a very reliable method of marketing, spreading information and reaching a large number of people. Before expounding this topic, it is vital to understand what these two terminologies mean. The term trackbacks mean a modus operandi in a system that enables a blogger identify who has come across the original posting and any other person that has written about that topic.

Pingbacks mean that these are a type of link backs. This method lets the web author request for notifications when someone links a document to his or her documents or blogs. It also lets the authors see who is linking or viewing their articles. The blogger also receives a message when another blogger views an entry belonging to another blogger.

Nowadays these two components are in use in a swap method. People look at them as a small and simple way to exchange a few words with one another. WordPress does have this feature in it and you now have very easy access to communication. Pings are a brilliant marketing tool and are very versatile in its uses.

Before you approve a pingback, you need to check it first. This is because many of the times these come from a spam blog or in other words a splog. You need to be careful because it gathers different addresses all over the web and then posts topics which many of the times have no relationship to your topic.

You need to understand fully the information before approving it. You need to understand the posts and check their relevance to the topic of discussion. The posts must be very simple and easy to follow and very straightforward. It is important to device a way of knowing what is a splog and what is a genuine comment.

The use of trackbacks is becoming very popular and this is simply of its effectiveness. There is very little splog and you can regulate the posts which are most suitable with your topic. You need to ensure that you give positive feedback. This could also be… very good for whichever marketing strategy you are engaging in.

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  1. I honestly think they are both important for the growth of smaller blogs as they will help drive traffic back to yours, as well as theirs. Thanks for the article

  2. Thanks for the information Kathy but you don’t say whether or not we should approve them… It seems that reciprocal links are carrying less weight these days so I would assume for SEO purposes it would be better not to wouldn’t it?

    • Peter,

      You should only approve them AFTER checking them out…hope that answers your question!
      Thanks for your comment!!! :)

  3. Mr. Komodo says:

    Thanks for the info here Kathy. I’ve just approved some trackbacks that I got from some bookmarking that I’ve done. Your article cleared some things up for me.

  4. I usually delete them unless they’re links from other posts I’ve referenced. So far the ones I get are all spam.

  5. Dom Dedic says:

    What method would you recommend for checking if you should approve a trackback. I find it to be an extremely time consuming task to go through every trackback individually, check the content, check the pagerank, check the popularity.

    Is there a one size fits all check for trackbacks that i can quickly run.


    Dom Dedic

    • Dom,

      Currently, I am using premium comment luv it has something called (GASP) and
      this seems to help with identifying spam-my trackbacks. for what you are needing
      it should help with the time consuming task of checking each page for you and so on.

      But I also recommend checking the page as well. :)


  6. Still having difficulty understanding whether or not to approve certain “pingbacks” that are clearly not spam but don’t seem to be from the website I mentioned in my post. I’ve gotten 2 that look like [...] store [...] and one like [...] Catamount Adventure Park [...]. Since this is a newly launched site, I’m not quite sure what a true pingback should look like.

    • A pingback will show up in your comment area. If the site looks legit then you really don’t
      need to do anything but approve it after checking it out. Its pretty easy to spot a spam site.
      So go ahead and check the site out & leave a comment or a thank you for linking to your post
      (ONLY if the site is not spam). Here is some additional info on pingbacks to check out:

      thanks for your comment!

  7. David says:

    How does one “check out” a pingback?

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