Social Media and the Things You Really Need to Know

There is a great hype about social media across the entire globe. It is attracting us like bees to a honeycomb. Well, it has a great number of benefits and goodies to offer that helps us to enjoy it very much.

But is everything ‘always good’, when it comes to social media. Or does it also have its own drawbacks and dangers?

The fact is social media has done more good than bad but we cannot ignore the ill-effects it has on each person and the society as whole.

The ill-effects of social media:-

1) Social media creates hot air

There is an overload of ‘experts’ on the net today. Most of them know nothing of the subject and falsely promote themselves as being highly qualified and experienced. There are so many ways available in social media today which are practically designed to sell yourself and anything you want. A lot of it out there is false, incorrect and probably nothing close to the truth about that person or product.

2) Beware of impersonators

Certain users on Twitter and Facebook not only make up stories about themselves, but go ahead to make up new names. It gets worse when they fake, other people’s identities. Impersonators can create serious problems for the particular person and simultaneously, fool many more.

3) Beware of stalkers

Social media is a great place for stalkers to do their job well. They can follow whoever they choose and even make that person’s life miserable. So, always remember, to maintain a certain amount of privacy and keep check on what you share on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

4) It can permanently affect your reputation

People post anything and everything on social networking sites. It is a growing habit, especially amongst the youth. The posts could affect one’s reputation in the long run. Moreover, people with a good knowledge of social media could ruin anyone’s entire reputation in a day if not in an hour!

5) It can take away precious opportunities

Most reputed companies, colleges, are now using Google to find out all about the person in the interview seat. So some stupid comments, posts here and there on Facebook and Twitter can seriously lower the good impression, you could have had otherwise.

6) It can impair your productivity

People waste a lot of time on sites like Twitter and Facebook, leaving aside, their important work. All their energy spent in social media, their productivity suffers. One should really keep a tab on how much of our precious time, we give to such sites.

7) It can be terribly addictive

Many users are highly addicted to these sites and constantly keep visiting, posting and tweeting. If denied access, they feel terribly uneasy, anxious and irritated.

To Conclude, I would like to advise all users around the world to get acquainted with the dangers of using social media and make sure they protect themselves, limit themselves and play smart.

About Kaushal Gandhi

Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aaris also works at an SEO company . Kaushal has conceptualized SEO Traingulation Method to get desired ranking. In addition, he is also a passionate blogger and writes on diverse topics such as Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management and Social Media.


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