15 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

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Have you been having problems; increasing traffic to your blog?

Here’s you’re solution.

  1. Write quality blogs regularly. You should always give informative blogs and write regularly.
  2. Invite guest bloggers. Guest bloggers can help to drive their traffic in to your site since their blogs have links.
  3. Employ search engines. Have links to Engines such as Google and Yahoo. They play a major role increasing traffic.
  4. Optimize your blogs with keywords such as the SEO. This helps to easily find your blogs in search engines.
  5. Attend forums related to blogs. There are so many forums in the internet today that can connect you as well as adding your knowledge.
  6. Attend to comments on your blog. It’s important to respond to the comments on your blog so that your readers can feel respected.
  7. Comment on other people’s blogs. By doing so, chances are that they will reciprocate and visit your blog.
  8. Never stick to texts only. It’s very good to employ some images into your blogs.
  9. Employ RSS Feed. This will always help your readers to know when you have new posts and will be alert to visit your blog.
  10. Make use of blogroll. It is possible that the owners of blogs where you post your blogs can find your blogs using the blogroll and reciprocate to link your blogs.
  11. Tag your posts. Find appropriate sites where you can tag your posts. Look for site with a good traffic.
  12. Use intelligent linking. It’s important to use appropriate number of links and avoid over linking or under linking.
  13. Join communities in your niche. They will get to know about your blogs.
  14. Networking. Join bigger bloggers as a guest blogger.
  15. Blog consistently. Though its hard but daily posting increases blog traffic.


I am a dedicated writer who likes positive criticisms and works towards meeting his objectives.


  1. I used to get most of the traffic from Google search engine. A part from Google, I get most of the traffic from social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon. I recall, I got over 100 unique visitors from stumbleupon alone.

    I’m going to implement some of your tips you mentioned above. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kathy Baka says:


      Patrick did a great job with his 15 tips!! I can tell you that I use
      many of them so I know they work.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • Yeah its true. I do almost all things that he mentioned too. I’m in research if I can discover more new traffic method :)

        Thanks to Patrick.

    • Kathy Baka says:


      Great tip…just wanted to comment about your getting most of your traffic
      from social bookmarking.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Nice post helped a lot to improve. Thanks yaar :-)

    • Kathy Baka says:


      I agree this post has so many insightful ingredients to help all bloggers with traffic.

  3. Rahul says:

    nice post first increase your blog content value and put attractive blog post heading http://earnmoneyonline12.tk/

  4. Syed Azharul Islam says:

    Yes it is nice article ! I know that every one can achieve knowledge from this unique article. Thank for submitting this.

  5. md abdul khaleque says:

    I’m very glad for this post! I think that it is very helpful for all bloggers.
    Now I am reading through all your pages.

  6. niahdishtiaq says:

    For increasing blog traffic all blogger should follow your 15 tips. Thanks again for your posts!

  7. Utpal says:

    I think all of your tips are very effective for all bloggers. I feel I am already i am benefited from these tips.

  8. Patrick says:

    Thanks to your comments, I appreciate the vote of appreciation.


  9. Shah Imran says:

    I know I have been faced with many of these problems and I know If anyone
    else online has faced the same problem than your posts will help established a
    traffic blog for them.

  10. Amal says:

    Actually this article is effective for all of us as bloggers. I have
    enjoyed many of your articles on blogging through your website.
    Thank you for helping me!

  11. Sarah says:

    Great tips! Zion has helped me with my blog and we are doing all of these things you mentioned as well!

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