Finding Out Who Is Linking To You

When running a site, just like a business, you have to keep track of the progress of your competitors so that you can always be a step ahead of them. One way of doing this in business is by looking at the number of customers they have and what the customers have in common.

If it is a site you look at the number of people and sites that are linking to their site. This enables you to know the type of sites and people you need to target with your site so that you can be better than your competitors. That is why it is important to learn how to find out who is linking to you.

Normally, search engines are used to do this. The methods depend on the type of search engine you use but they do not vary as such. They can easily be generalized as shown below.

Begin Your Search

To search for the number of links to a rival site in other sites you should type link:website in the search engine and search. This lists all of the sites that have the links and the active links in a descending order of importance. The word website represents the url of the rival website, for example So you should type

This search includes links from the site belonging to your competitor as well. So you should prevent the search engine from searching for links in it. To do this, type – or – depending on the search engine you are using. By doing this you will get a more accurate result compared to the one you got earlier.

Sometimes you might not be satisfied with the results or maybe the results may not tally with the traffic that is directed the website. In such a case you can use a different search engine or just search all sites, pages and blogs that mention the name of that site. To do this, run a search of in your search engine. It will produce a list of all the sites, blogs and pages that have the name of the rival website written on them. Though the results might be substantial, they are bound to be very incorrect since they include inactive links and blog references.

Knowing how many sites have links to a specific page on the site is very important. To carry out a search, type To prevent the site from being included in the search, type – or depending on the search engine you are using.

All these searches normally produce results that can help you know who links to rival sites. With this information you can know how to improve ranking and AdSense of your site.

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  1. This is a good post. This post says simple but important factors that most SEO specialists take for granted. This is actually a simple but very important strategy when it comes to taking a closer look at your competitors. =)

    Brilliant information. I definitely agree with this sort of strategic ideas and this should be taken into consideration by most internet based entrepreneurs and SEO analysts.

    Thank you Kathy! =)

    • Kathy Baka says:


      Thanks for your comments. Knowing this sort of information can be very important in assessing your
      ongoing SEO efforts.


  2. pwangombe says:

    What an informative post! Talking of social media and internet marketing today, you cant fail to recognize the search engines.You have indicated very clearly how to find those linking you using the Search engines.This post is very helpful in recognizing your rivals and being just a bit smarter.

    Good Work Kathy!

  3. Unknown says:

    Very useful information.It has certainly helped me in identifying the backlink resources for my website.

  4. Thanks for this post, its very useful but I don’t seem to be getting the results that I expect i.e. I know a particular site that is liking to me but it is not showing up when I run the on google. Any idea why not?

    Another thing that I’d really like, maybe your post already covers it when working properly, is to know who is linking to me from facebook. I have a facebook page for the site, is there anyway to find out who is liking me and linking to my site? Most of my traffic is coming from FB (according to google analytics) but I can’t tell who is linking to me on FB.


    • Ziad,

      Thanks for your post and questions. If you’re not getting the results you like then maybe its time re-evaluate your plan. Do a little research online and search some sites to find out who is linking to you and start there.

      There are many reputable sites in which you can get this information for free…however you may need to pay someone for more detailed information or link building services.

      I would try different methods and pick which works best for your desired outcome.

      I hope this helps,

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