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Webmaster of InternetMacMarketing.com. Tim Arends has been a user of Macs since 1994 and has helped purchase, install, maintain and troubleshoot Macintosh’s and Mac networks for business for several years. he has sold and demonstrated Macs at a major retail chain and has been a Mac user group ambassador, newsletter editor, and program director for over ten years. He’s written about Macs and Mac software for national magazines. Currently, he runs his business exclusively using Macintosh.

Scott Spjut is a writer and editor who has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and websites – including Newsweek, the Washington Post, CBS News and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Scott currently works with Professional Marketing International helping people change their lives.


Denise Gabbard is a writer and online marketing professional. She works with small businesses to help them increase their online presence and traffic to their websites and businesses.


Jon T. Norwood is a managing partner at High Speed Internet, a site dedicated to providing information on Mobile Broadband News. Jon can be reached at jon@velocityguide.com.


Thomas Stone is a contributing author at Technected.com



About Kathy Baka

Kathy Baka Founder & Editor of Review Crushers Social Media & Internet Marketing. Helping Small Businesses Find the Best Resources Online While Educating Clients - for more post by me view them here or contact me through the links below.


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